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3500 ChatGPT Prompts for Life Coach Entrepreneurs


Discover the power of expertly crafted ChatGPT prompts designed for life coaching professionals! Introducing 3500 ChatGPT Prompts for Life Coach Entrepreneurs – a collection of 3500 detailed and thought-provoking prompts, perfect for anyone looking to kickstart or grow their life coaching business.

Elevate your coaching practice with our comprehensive collection of 3500 expertly written ChatGPT Prompts specifically designed for Life Coaches! This valuable collection empowers you to start and grow a successful coaching business, covering a broad range of 45 categories, from niche identification to advanced marketing strategies.

What you’ll get:

🌟 3500 high-quality, SEO-optimized ChatGPT prompts that cover a wide range of life coaching topics, including personal growth, relationships, career development, health and wellness, financial coaching, and more!
🌟 A valuable resource that helps you to generate in-depth insights and information, perfect for those researching life coaching or seeking to expand their coaching business.
🌟 Expertly crafted prompts designed to maximize the power of AI-generated responses, providing you with detailed and relevant information to enhance your coaching practice.
🌟 A convenient Google sheet with all of the prompts, allowing you to access the prompts anytime, anywhere. Just copy & Paste!

Why choose our ChatGPT prompts?

💡 Save time and effort by using AI-generated responses to explore complex life coaching topics.
💡 Gain valuable insights and inspiration for your coaching sessions, workshops, and marketing strategies.
💡 Enhance your coaching skills by harnessing the power of AI technology.
💡 Expand your knowledge on a variety of life coaching topics, enabling you to better serve your clients and grow your business.

14 reviews for 3500 ChatGPT Prompts for Life Coach Entrepreneurs

  1. RXGramarye

    Recommended! Smooth download. Nicely formatted and organized. Great information! Thank you!

  2. Fexyl

    2100 ChatGPT Prompts for YouTube

  3. Prabhaker

    It is a good idea to have some readymade prompts that can be time saving. I may be wrong, but was probably expecting a little more than what I ultimately got in the form of number of prompts. In any case, I do not have any major complaints from the product.

  4. Dominique

    I’ve been interested in Chatgpt but I wasn’t sure what to ask or how to use it.
    This was such a life saver.
    I’m very happy with my purchase.

  5. Elizabeth

    Great prompts for coaches to have!

  6. Elizabeth

    Great prompts for coaches to have!

  7. Saundra

    maybe prompts I would have never thought to use myself! I love it.

  8. Michelle

    Interesting…worth the $- not sure what to do with it now.

  9. Gia

    Every item I purchase from Fexyl shop is professionally written prompts that meet all of my expectations. Everything in my purchase was exactly as described.

  10. Ruth

    Started using ChatGPT for my business. These prompts really helped to focus on the information I really needed.

  11. Jeroen

    Wow, an overload of possibilities. Everything to be successful

  12. Madhava Werake

    I’m so utterly disappointed. I’ve been studying prompt engineering for about year and these are not good enough to get beyond a basic result. You can come up with these questions with a little research. Please look into AutoGPT or Synapse_CoR. You’re going to do so much better with scenario based prompting. Not just, asking a question. For example, ChatGPT needs does best when you first give it a scenario or persona. Don’t waste your money like I did. You’re better off doing a bit of leg work and research.

  13. Michelle

    Great list of prompts to use for different settings.

  14. ebonylashaysmith

    Will be helpful for me

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