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2799 AI Prompts for Artists | Over 30 Categories of Art


Unlock the power of AI to create stunning artwork today! This is one the best collection of detailed, ready-to-go AI art prompts on the internet!

Create stunning artwork with the help of AI!

Save countless hours of design and iteration
Copy-Paste Ready
Copy and paste these prompts into Midjourney, Dall-e, Playground and go viral with your designs!
1-Time-Payment, (includes Future Updates)

This bundle of AI art prompts also includes a guide that gives details on parameters to be used in Midjourney to produce the best output images AND includes two sample image outputs from EACH category in the list. We generated an image in version 5.2 and in version 4 so you can see the difference in how Midjourney generates the images in different versions. Get an idea of what each prompt category produces by seeing the art generated by Midjourney. This will help spark the creative process and get you creating amazing digital art!

Categories include:
Abstract Art, Abstract Expressionism, Anime and Manga, Art Nouveau, Baroque Art, Collage Art, Conceptual Art, Cyberpunk Art, Dark Fantasy, Futuristic Cityscapes, Geometric Art, Glitch Art, Gothic Art, Impressionism, Land Art, Minimalism, Mythological and Folklore, Nature Scenes, Optical Illusions, Pixel Art, Pop Art, Portraits, Post-Apocalyptic Landscapes, Rococo Art, Space Exploration, Steampunk Art, Surreal Landscapes, Surreal Portraiture, Trompe-l’œil Art, Underwater Worlds, Urban Art

BONUS Introducing the Exclusive Midjourney Mastery Video, FREE with Every Purchase of an AI Art prompt product!
Unlock the true potential of Midjourney with our in-depth, step-by-step video guide – a must-have for anyone serious about getting the most out of their Midjourney experience. For a limited time only, we’re offering this incredible resource absolutely FREE with every purchase of one of our AI Art prompt collections!

What’s Inside the Midjourney Mastery Video:
– Comprehensive Introduction to Midjourney: Get up to speed with everything you need to know about the groundbreaking AI text-to-image model, designed to help you get the most out of this powerful tool, unleash your creativity, and optimize your digital art generation.
– Expert Prompt Engineering Techniques: Discover the art and science of crafting powerful AI art prompts that will maximize your results with Midjourney. Learn tips and tricks that will make your Midjourney experience seamless and efficient.
– How to Use Your AI Art Prompt product: A complete walkthrough on how to get the most value from the prompt bundles you’ve purchased.
– 50 FREE additional AI Art prompts that you can use today to generate detailed images in Midjourney or your text-to-image tool of your choice! The video walks through how to access these prompts and will generate images from them in the video!

AI is taking over the world! Experts report that many jobs will be eliminated by AI in the next few years. Artists are on the chopping block, as AI can generate stunning artwork with just a few clicks.

AI can create iterations of art faster than any human. There is just one small problem that few people are talking about. To give the best results, AI models like ChatGPT must be trained. It’s not enough just to enter random text and “generate artwork.”
To get extraordinary results, you must input the right prompt into the AI engine. You need advanced programming knowledge to know what prompt works best for the right application. The best art requires the best prompts.
That’s exactly why we engineered this copy-and-paste bundle of the 500 best prompts to give the very best results from AI engines.

ATTENTION! Other artists don’t want you to discover these exclusive prompts!
You’ll be the envy of the artistic community once you get these prompts in your hands. It’s as simple as finding the prompt that works for your application and then copy and paste it into the AI engine.

So how does it work?
Simple: After purchase, you will be granted immediate access to the exclusive Google Sheets file containing 2700 of the best AI Art prompts.

You’ll then simply copy and paste into the AI generator of your choice.

You can choose Dall-e, Playground, Midjourney, or many others…

19 reviews for 2799 AI Prompts for Artists | Over 30 Categories of Art

  1. Fexyl

    Very good basis for your own graphics!

  2. Jose

    A solid curation of prompts rather than trying to find specific prompts on Midjourney

  3. Bri

    they work. great purchase. thanks

  4. Rachel

    Excellent download and extremely helpful for mid journey prompts – thanks again! I will be back

  5. Artfoly

    Thank you for creating this amazing work, it helped me a lot in learning how to work with AI.

  6. liviere

    the quality of the item

  7. Ken

    The quality of the item is excellent and the item matched the description and met my expectations.

  8. Ken

    The quality of the item is excellent and the item matched the description and met my expectations.

  9. Dawn

    I like it so far.

  10. Scott C

    Great digital pieces to work with

  11. Kim

    Excellent!!! Great list! Highly recommend

  12. Yandia

    Very happy with purchase. I like the format of the products and the additional bonuses. Highly recommend this seller and will purchase more products.

  13. Anonymous

    it looks great, I made a great character

  14. Surfing Tortuga

    This is a great product. Thank-you.

  15. tracy

    Awesome Art , Awesome Prompts , Item just as described ! 🎩✨

  16. World of Clipart

    Super!! Prompts I really can use!!

  17. Sam

    Great & easy to download. Thank-you

  18. Fexyl

    I liked it very much, thank you.

  19. JeannieJewels

    Prompts are beautiful, a lot of different styles and varieties for your imagination and easy instructions, will buy again. Awesome shop. Seller A+

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