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Start Your Online Course Journey with ChatGPT


2850 ChatGPT Prompts for Online Course Creators | Course Idea & Plan Generator


Are you looking to create and sell your own course online? Then this ChatGPT prompt bundle is for you.

Craft targeted and compelling lessons with prompts specifically designed for various subjects and niches. From tech tutorials to wellness workshops, we’ve got you covered in every subject. Simply copy & paste into ChatGPT!

🎓 Elevate Your Course Quality

🚀 Save Time with Content Generation

💡 Laser-Focused Topics

✅ Idea & Plan Generator Included 

What’s Inside?

  •  Free How-To Video: Learn how to use prompts and master Chat-GPT with our bonus how-to video exclusively for Fexyl customers.
  • Outline & Lesson Plan Generator: Quickly generate course outlines and lesson plans.
  • Infinite Inspiration: Unique course ideas to ensure your course remains engaging and popular.
  • Niche Topic Specialization: Prompts that work for every niche, access the power of AI knowledge to fill in the busy work while you focus on marketing your course.
Create Online Courses with AI

Why Our Prompts? How Fexyl Bundles Work

Fexyl offers an elite selection of prompts designed for various online uses. Our prompt bundles allow every-day users to harness the full power of ChatGPT; they’re your competitive edge in the new era of AI. Each prompt is engineered to increase efficiency and automate tasks for you in any industry. 

Simply copy & paste our prompts into ChatGPT and let it do the rest for you! Fexyl prompts are delivered instantly, allowing you to get started on your online ambitions right now. Spend less time brainstorming and more time scaling your brand with high-quality content and planning tools that align with your voice and goals.

Join an exclusive club of AI users who have witnessed a dramatic help in reaching their goals. The numbers don’t lie – our prompts deliver.

Great list of prompts to use for different settings.

Michelle | Etsy

Excellent seller – communicates well. Fast and instant download. I would highly recommend it!

PLR Marketing Pros | Etsy

Good prompts and cannot beat the price.

Eric | Etsy

True to Its Word! The item is as described and of premium quality. It’s everything I expected and more.

Oly | Etsy

“exactly what i was looking for, thank you”

I Am Marenda | Etsy

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